Style Guide

  • Article titles: Should not be submitted with upper case letters for each word.
  • Statistics: All statistics and claims MUST be hyperlinked to the source.
  • Full stops: Please ensure that single spaces are used after full stops only.
  • Job titles: Job titles have initial caps only when the title is next to the name, in whatever order e.g. "Vice President John Doe" compared with "John Doe, who will be appointed vice president next year, commented on the matter.
  • Numbers: One to nine should be spelt fully, 10+ should be numerical
  • Percent: All percentages should use the symbol e.g. 50% except at the beginning of a sentence where the number should be spelled out fully and the word ‘percent’ used e.g. Forty percent.
  • Speech markets: Double speech marks should be used ONLY for direct quotations. Otherwise use single quote marks.
  • Paragraphs: Should be kept SHORT - 45 words is good to aim for
  • Sub-headings: Must be used to break up the flow - no more than three paragraphs prior to using a sub-heading. Only the first letter of the first word of the sub-heading should be capped up.
  • UK English: We're based in the UK, so don't be cross if we amend your 'organize' to 'organise', or 'color' to 'colour' - we're just going for continuity across the site!
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