What dictates whether my blog is approved or rejected?

Blogging on MyCustomer is reserved for marketing and customer experience leaders with a unique or specific angle on the topics our publication covers.

Due to the high volume of blogging requests we receive, the MyCustomer editorial team reserves the right to reject blogging requests on a number of grounds, including:

  • Nothing new: the article offers little in the way of new thinking or a new angle on a topic and is simply rehashed knowledge/experience or filler text
  • Bias: the article is explicitly or implicitly promotional of a company, idea or industry or has been written purely as part of a PR drive
  • Non-adherence to our style guide: we provide very clear guidelines on how articles should be written and structured and the conventions to follow
  • Incomplete submissions: articles should be sent with accompanying materials as requested in our submission guidelines

If you do not hear back from us then your application has not been successful on this occasion. 

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